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Company:Shanghai Yueping scientific instrument Co.,Ltd.[Production base]
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Phone: 13906210915 General manager
18913591579/15995887307(North sales Manager Chen)
15370016473/13301881183(South sales Manager Fei)
After-sales service and technical consultation: 0512-66878586        13901543775 Mr.Shi
Url: http://www.shyueping.com.cn
E-mail: zkm@shyueping.com
Production base address: Suzhou city Wuzhong District Town Road No. five Code:215101

Company:Shanghai Yueping scientific instrument Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 021-54356900
Fax: 021-54357447
Phone: 13906210915 (Zhu General Manager)
18913591579(North sales Manager Shan)
13301881183(South sales Manager Fei)
Url: http://www.shyueping.com.cn
E-mail: zkm@shyueping.com
Add: Born in Shanghai xuhui district crown garden road 223 21 building, room 331 Code:200235

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