Yueping Intimate service

  • Knight sarvice


    24 hour national unified hotline

    Users in any area only need to dial a phone, the more flat the professional engineers will be
    To provide you with quality service for 365 days without rest

    You rest my service, the implementation of the global unified standard, so you can easily in the country
    Enjoy the more peaceful international care
    Standardization of supervision and the intimate service procedure, service process to be supervised by you

    Yueping Intimate service aim

    We elaborate each product, and make it become a gourmet
    Sincerely treat every customer as a friend

  • quality guarantee

    We are committed to continuously improve product performance, increase product value, let customers to buy and use safe warranty service can be found in the warranty card

  • Service project

    1.Full outsourcing services
    A.Avoid high value parts damage with high maintenance costs;
    B.In addition to the warranty spare parts, consumable materials can be included in the warranty scope, be exempted from the concerns of the extra-budgetary expenses;
    C.Professional comprehensive maintenance, to ensure maximum equipment long-term stability;
    D.Can pay package, exempt from the concerns of the extra cost;
    E.Can provide up to five years of contract guarantee, you can easy to use the instrument for years。

    2.The sale of spare parts, consumable materials
    A.The flat equipment used by all the accessories (including imports) all domestic spot supply;
    B.Can provide spare parts for the typical customer or standby machine;
    C.To prepare for typical customer emergency inventory or a large number of inventory。

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